地球外生命体が地球に来ない理由 – Why Extraterrestrial Life Doesn’t Come to Earth


Personal things have been going on lately, and it’s taking a little interval to deliver cosmic information. I am also human and individual, so at least I also would like to write about personal things on this blog.
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  1. 先ず地球全体が一個の国家として確立していないから。
  2. 地球との外交が成立していないから。
  3. 地球人の民度と知性が彼等の思う基準に到達していないから。
  4. なにより地球人に彼等とのテレパシー通信が可能なコンタクティーが存在しないから。
  5. [3.] が要因で、地球上の医療の概念に大きな疑問を感じるから。(なまじそのような危険な地球に降り立つことで、自身の身に危険が及ぶことは避けたいから。)


Mr. Glen talks about the following as reasons why he does not visit the earth.

  1. First, because the whole earth has not been established as a single nation.
  2. Because diplomacy with Earth has not been established.
  3. Because the morals and intelligence of Earthlings have not reached the standard they think they are.
  4. Above all, there are no contactees who can telepathically communicate with them among the Earthlings.
  5. Because of the factor [3.], Mr. Glen has a big doubt about the concept of medical care on earth. (Because he wants to avoid putting myself in danger by landing on such a dangerous earth.)

The above examples were actually given to me by Mr. Glen, and I am not saying that I am the only one on this planet with telepathy. I wrote the content that Mr. Glen, who is the top of the light gray species, has decided so.

きっと来る、いつか来る‥ と言い続けるだけで、その現象が一向に現実世界に起きないようであれば、彼等(自称・コンタクティー)の言うことは全て嘘だと認識しなければなりません。




From France, from Elena Danaan to Japanese translator Miyoko Sano, there are many other small and medium-leveles or personal level contactees.
But if what they say is true that “reinforcements from outer space will soon arrive on Earth,” how can the same messages not come true for decades?

In other words, the fact that most of the information is false is a content that anyone can understand immediately even if they apply it to the common sense of the earth with an ordinary brain.
The feeling of falling into a situation where everyone cannot understand what is normally understood is rather an abnormal situation.
It’s more correct to think that self-proclaimed contactees are brainwashing many earthlings by pretending that the fiction they imagined in their brains and the images of movies they’ve seen somewhere appear to be true.
The feeling of longing for space and aliens is a sentiment that everyone has. However, it is desirable to draw a line as much as possible and confront those who abuse that sentiment and try to blur the line between fiction and reality.
If they keep saying that they will surely come, they will come someday, and the phenomenon doesn’t happen in the real world, then we have to recognize that everything they say is a lie.

Polish your inner “eyes to see through the truth” and make the right decisions by all means.

There is no global organization named “Galactic Confederation”. Therefore, all information regarding the “Galactic Confederation” given by Elena Danaan or other contactees are all false.
Please be vigilant!

銀河連合が存在しないと思う理由について – On Why I Think the Galactic Federation Doesn’t Exist

銀河連合の特使を名乗る「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」のメッセージが、日本人が運営するYouTubeチャンネルより更新されました。
それによると「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」なる人物は自身を「銀河連合の特使」だと言い、様々な銀河連合のメンバーからのメッセージを既に多数受け取っている‥ と話しています。

Too mysterious message of “Elena Danaan”, who claims to be a special envoy of the Galactic Federation, has been updated from a Japanese-women YouTube channel.
According to it, a person named “Elena Danaan” describes herself as “an envoy of the Galactic Confederation” and says that she has already received many messages from various members of the Galactic Confederation.
In addition, the words “light-side” and “dark-side” are frequently used in the video, and many words are used to brainwash those who touch the video, using the guilt that humans have as an entrance.
The translator of the video is Miyoko Sano. In the first place, Ms. Sano is a translator, and while she was in contact with various contactees in the course of her work, she herself became a pawn of the contactees, without ascertaining the authenticity of their messages through the translation work, and she might be started sending out a lot of information.
In the first place, I don’t think Mrs Miyoko Sano has the ability to discern the truth other than translation skills.

You can tell by looking at her eyes. And she frequently sends messages such as “Let’s spend time with excitement”, and it is very inexplicable that she ends each video with content that causes the viewers of her videos to stop thinking.


ですが「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」は自身が銀河連合の特使であることを公言し、団体のリーダーが「ソーハン・エレディオン(Thor Han Eredyon)」であると言っています。

If we assume that an organization called the “Galaxy Federation” officially exists, then the “Space Federation Grand Fleet”, which is said to have been waiting outside the earth for decades, will wait without doing anything during that period. I don’t know why they keep doing it.

Also, even if I am 99.9% positive that the “Galactic Confederation” actually exists, the present situation is that there is no formal diplomatic relationship between the Earth and the Galactic Confederation.
If they’re roaming the sky above the earth, and if they secretly form some kind of business tie-up with some earthlings, it is a big problem that should be regarded as an “invasion” rather than a “relief”.
However, in reality, there is a high possibility that the organization called “Galaxy Federation” itself does not exist, and there is no way that a non-existent organization has a leader.
However, “Elena Danaan” professes herself to be an envoy of the Galactic Confederation, claiming that the group’s leader is “Thor Han Eredyon”.

仮説を逆説しますと、私が「ソーハン・エレディオン(Thor Han Eredyon)」を捉えようとするとそこに、全く別の仮想空間が出現し、思考が何者かによって妨害されるのを感じます。
つまりこれは何者かが「ソーハン・エレディオン(Thor Han Eredyon)」と言う幻影的存在を疑似的に発信している証拠と言えるでしょう。
何より「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」をチャネリングしようとすると、そこに映画のスクリーンのような不確定要素の多い映像が複数出現し、彼女の目が真実を一切語っていないことが私の感性にはリアルに映り込んで来ます。
虚言癖を持つ人の目は、焦点が定まらないのが特徴です。まさに佐野美代子の放つ動画中に登場する「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」がその特徴を持っていますが、動画の中の「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」が真実かどうかは私にも分かりません。
少なくとも「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」が真実の人物ではないか、或いは彼女は真実であっても彼女が話していることが虚偽であるかの、恐らく何れかが真相に最も近いのではないかと私は睨んでいます。
The existence of the “Galactic Federation” has been proclaimed by various channelers and contactees for some time now, but my antennae have not been able to chtch any sign of its official existence.
Paradoxically, when I try to capture the thoughts of “Thor Han Eredyon”, a completely different virtual space appears, and I feel that my thoughts are obstructed by someone.
In other words, it can be said that this is proof that someone is pseudo-transmitting an illusion called “Thor Han Eredyon”.
If I take a deeper look, These current form of politics on Earth is decentralized, with many thoughts and many languages mixed together.
In that state, it is impossible for the earth to elect a single leader, and even if someone came forward as the leader of the earth and established diplomatic relations with an alien, it would be impossible to unify the earth politically.
Above all, when I try to channel “Elena Danaan”, multiple images with many uncertainties appear like a movie screen in my brain, and I feel that her eyes do not tell the truth at all.

Human that telling lie eyes are characterized by a lack of focus.
“Elena Danaan” who appears in YouTube of Miyoko Sano has that characteristic, but I don’t even know if “Elena Danaan” in the video is real person.

At least “Elena Danaan” isn’t a real person, or even if she’s real, or what she’s saying is false…?
I have two hypotheses, one of which may be probably the closest to the truth. 

勿論彼女の翻訳が正確であれば‥ と言う前提に基づくが、ここで言われている「グレイ」とはおそらく「グレイ星人」の種族を指している筈。だとすれば、彼女が発信している元の情報提供者である「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」の情報が酷く偏っている可能性を否定出来ない。
そうではなく佐野美代子が「エレナ・ダナーン(Elena Danaan)」を始めとする多くの情報提供者の話すことを真に受けているとしたら、それらが真実であると言う彼女なりの証拠も同時に翻訳解説する必要が生じるのではないかと私は思っている。

According to Miyoko Sano’s translation commentary, there is a message that can be taken as “a group of evil extraterrestrial beings have been exterminated by the elites of the Galactic Federation”, but the word “Gray”‘ is often brought into it. I feel skeptical about that point.

Of course, that is based on the premise that her translation is accurate, but the “grey” may mentioned here probably refers to the race of “Grey Aliens”.
If that is the case, it cannot be denied that the information from her original informant, Elena Danaan, is severely biased.
In the first place, there is a problem with the original information source that continues to transmit information by sticking to the scheme of “gray = evil”. I feel a particularly negative intention in that activity itself.
It may be a common phenomenon among Japanese people, but if the complex to blue-eyed peoples races becomes a factor in the lack of normal judgment, it will be fatal as a translator.
Instead, if Miyoko Sano truly accepts the statements of many informants, including Elena Danaan, I think she needs to translate and comment on her thinking evidence that they are true.