Change The World – 秋分と言う分岐点












While listening to a lot of music, I think of you of people of the stars.

When I put out a “star,” it often means something other than Earth. At this very moment, I think of people living in the Pleiades cluster rather than the Earth.

This world is distorted and gradually collapses. In the meantime, people cross dimensions silently, and the reality goes quietly without anyone knowing.
People may not notice it for a while, even if everything disappears.

Assuming that there is an “Akashic Record” in this world, why could no one have predicted the present earth if this situation was recorded there?
Probably no “Akashic Records” exist. Because everyone may be able to rewritten our future.

Even if the rewritten future and future before rewriting are arranged on the same plane, it will not be a prophecy or a warning.


If people can choose the future by changing their way of life, when will they do it instead of doing it now? ‥

If bad magical words “Ascension” changed the future of this planet, we might have to go back to where it was.

It’s possible to rewrite a new future by returning just one puzzle that has gone too far. Instead, it is imperative to let go of most of your habits and relive with your new feeling.
You should be able to do that!

I’ll continue to pray for the future peace of our planet.